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MEP Enterprises is offering a line of epoxy products from Elite Crete

We now offer H&C flooring products through Sherwin-Williams for all your resin flooring needs. Flake floors, metallic epoxy, and concrete stains. 

Brown and gold epoxy floor
Before grinding the concrete substrate
Grinding concrete
Base coat of epoxy
Epoxy flooring

This 240 square foot converted garage will now be the new t.v room for my client and her grandchildren. Preparation is a key ingredient to a successful project no matter what your doing. So first we must grind the concrete substrate down to a texture of 120 grit or less sand paper. A rough water permeable aggregate is one of the crucial preparations in the epoxy floor systems success. This includes repeatedly vacuuming with a Hepa dusk extractor.

Once the floor and room have been thoroughly dusted and vacuumed you can no tape and plastic off walls and molding so you don’t splash epoxy creating a mess. Once that’s complete we can begin with step 1 of the 3 step system. With a minimum dry time of 12 hours, depending on the design concept this project should be completed in approximately 4 days and can be walked on 24 hours after the last application and driven on 96 hours after the last application.

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